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November 9, 2007

Lady Claire loves pantyhose, FF-stockings, other beautiful women and… FullyClothedFetish!

This blog is still very new but I’m delighted it already has some faithful readers, and I’m even more pleased when I’m getting feedback or pictures from the models themselves!

Here’s the message I received a couple days ago from Lady Claire:
Hello! I would be pleased if you post my new pictures at your site.

[Picture list here]

Thank You very much

Kisses Claire

Well, what could I possibly do besides having a look at Lady Claire’s website ? :-) Before to go any further, here’s how she describes herself on her web page:
My name is Claire and I´m addicted to wear all that nylon-stuff like pantyhose, stay-up´s and FF-stockings!
I absolutely love the look and feel of nylon on my long legs!
This website will prove to you just how much!
I also love watching and touching beautiful women wearing nylon!
If you step closer into my website and visit the girl/girl galleries you can find out how horny I will get then!
So please come in and find out what a cute little slut I can be!

Well, her website is indeed lovely and I really love the diversity of the pictures. I also love to see 2 beautiful classy women making out and playing together and Claire’s site happen to have plenty of just that: classy ladies enjoying themselves. But I see you’re impatient to meet her, so let’s stop the babble here and look at her pictures! (Thank you again Claire! :-) )

Lady Claire Lady Claire Lady Claire Lady Claire

Lady Claire Lady Claire Lady Claire

Lady Claire Lady Claire Lady Claire

Lady Claire Lady Claire Lady Claire

Isn’t she lovely? :-P

Lady Claire have some more samples on her site, Click here to visit it!

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