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January 24, 2008

Having a glance at Sandy’s naughty little secrets

I love classy mature women if since you’re reading this blog the odds that you love them are quite high I hope :-)

As much as I love classy women wearing classy business-wear or even “classy casual” clothes, this is very hard to find good sites featuring this content. I’m not too sure about how I could word it, but on 99% of the sites I see, I really feel like the model doesn’t feel well in clothes that have been chosen for her by the photographer, and as a results the pictures suck.

I’m glad I’ve found about Sandy’s Secrets because this fine spanish lady is a true amateur who really loves to wear classy clothes and she’s keeping them long enough for us to appreciate them (no “full nudity after the 3rd pic” on her site!). Just look at her, isn’t she the classier women you’ve seen in a very long while?

Sandy's secrets Sandy's secrets Sandy's secrets

Sandy’s site feature only the most classy and sexy pictures and videos. There are a few scenes with another lady, both teasing the camera guy to death :-) Would you believe this lady is 52? (she says so on her site herself, I’m not revealing any secret here :-P ) I know quite a few ladies up to 20 years longer who would be ready to kill to look only half as sexy as Sandy does! Ok, let me show you some more teasers… Don’t forget to visit her site as she offers quite a lof of fullsize pictures to download on her site.

Sandy's secrets Sandy's secrets sandysec1819.jpg

Sandy's secrets sandysec19_milf_20.jpg sandysec1824.jpg

November 19, 2007

Retro Pin-Up Eva from Vintage-Queens!

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I’ve just realised something silly: while pin-ups are the mother-of-all genres in the “clothed fetish”, I never featured any pin-up site so far. Ok, Francesca Dani’s site comes close and OnlyTease features a lot of beauties in formal clothes, it still really isn’t quite the same thing as ‘pin-ups’.

So far the very best site of pin-ups and glamour erotica I’ve found is Eva’s Vintage Queens site. But let’s just start with an appetizer:

Vintage Retro Queen Eva Vintage Retro Pin-Up Queen Eva Vintage Retro Pin-Up Queen Eva Vintage Retro Pin-Up Queen Eva

Aren’t those pictures absolutely beautiful? The model, the make-up, the clothes, the props, the location, the picture style… Eva managed to produce perfect pictures. She goes up to pussy or tits flashing and some girl-girl modeling. I’m not sure it can really be called “lesbian action”, because it’s more like “candid” posing, but in my opinion her scenes are hotter than all hardcore scenes I’ve seen.

Can you imagine how much time she spent making up and dressing only to look as good as possible? Those pictures are worth 100 times more to me than “porn quickly shot in a cheap motel room”. Be nice to her and visit Eva’s site! She needs all our support to know there are still tasteful erotica lovers out there!

Vintage Retro Pin-Up Queen Eva Vintage Retro Pin-Up Queen Eva Vintage Retro Queen Eva

Vintage Retro Pin-Up Queen Eva Vintage Retro Queen Eva Vintage Retro Queen Eva

Watch More Pictures Eva’s Vintage Pin-Up Queens Site!