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October 15, 2009

Naughty schoolgirls pictures from St Mackenzie’s private girls school

Do you love sexy schoolgirls outfits? :-D hehe… I knew you’d say that… As it happens a new site opened a few months ago and its very aim is to provide pictures and videos of the sexiest schoolgirls and female teachers.

Unfortunatly I was born in a country where there’s no school uniform, but thanks to sites like St. Mackenzie’s, I can make up for the sights I missed when I was younger. I really love this site, the glamour feel of the pictures, the good lighting, the models are real teens and not 30yo chicks with pigtails, etc… Well, I’m showing below some samples of one of my favorite pupil from St. Mackenzie’s: Stevie-Louise Ritchie. If you like what you see, check out the site’s Models and Teachers pages, there are many HQ pics to download from there! :-)

Click here to visit St. Mackenzie’s girls school!

October 29, 2008

Amazing sexy busty boss in business office!

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I usually try to alternate content from different sites in my posts, but in the recent weeks it seems like BigTitBoss was the best when it comes to sexy busty bases in office suits getting naughty, so that’ll be my 2nd consecutive update about this site.

Today’s update is about Priya Ria’s scene; this petite brunette seems to enjoy the action and it only makes it more enjoyable to all of us! After carefull selection, only one of her four employees have a cock big enough to please her, and after the 3 shorties are sent away, she proceeds to enjoy herself with the lucky winner… the pictures below don’t really reflect the scene, but it’s enough to give a good idea of the scene’s hotness! Enjoy! :-D

bigtitboss-01.jpg bigtitboss-01.jpg bigtitboss-01.jpg


September 12, 2008

Busty Office Beauties from BigTitsBoss!

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Time to introduce you to yet another excellent site for all of us who love classy women in business outfits. BigTitsBoss has been around for more than one year now and as of today contains 68 scenes. All the scenes are boy/girl hardcore (although there are a few threesomes), so if you love to watch sexy classy business women getting fucked their brains out this site is a great place. Not only the female performers are wearing nice business suits, but they’re horny as hell. Another good thing is that this site is offering a cheap 3-day trial, so if you want to download plenty of full-length videos during your week-end, BigTitsBoss is a great candidate :-)
BTW, now that I think about it, not only business-wear makes women look hotter, but they realise they look hotter and it’s making them hornier too! Ok, here are some teasing pics of their previous scenes…

abbey2-001.jpg Big Tits Boss abbey2-036.jpg BigTitsBoss

Elle from BigTitsBoss elle-043.jpg Busty Boss elle-209.jpg

Busty boss memphis-106.jpg Busty boss in business suit

Click here to download the full scene!

April 15, 2008

Beautiful secretaries in business suits from… well, OnlySecretaries.com :-)

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I have an absolute fetish for women in business suit! I don’t know if it’s the jacket, the tight skirt, the high heels or all of that at the same time, but I nearly always get a raging hard-on when I see a woman in business suit!

So far many sites featured ladies in office wear (primarily OnlyTease , OfficeGals or OfficeGirls), but the most recent, OnlySecretaries just blows the competition off in my opinion!

The models are pretty, the shooting location look good, the suits are varied, there’s also a good variety of models (from ~20 to mid-30s; a few black chicks; …). Most of all: during a large part of the sets/videos the chicks are clothed (no stripping at the 2nd picture) and they slowly reveal their sexy underwear as the set progress.

OnlySecretaries is an absolute must-see if you’re into chicks wearing business suits. Here are 12 pictures from that site below, but visit the preview you’ll be able to download over 100 HQ pics (one from each set featured on the tour).

Secretary in business suit from OnlySecretaries Secretary in business suit from OnlySecretaries Secretary in business suit from OnlySecretaries Secretary in business suit from OnlySecretaries

Secretary in business suit from OnlySecretaries Secretary in business suit from OnlySecretaries Secretary in business suit from OnlySecretaries Secretary in business suit from OnlySecretaries

Secretary in business suit from OnlySecretaries Picture of Secretary in business suit Secretary in business suit from OnlySecretaries Secretary ass in white tight skirt

January 24, 2008

Having a glance at Sandy’s naughty little secrets

I love classy mature women if since you’re reading this blog the odds that you love them are quite high I hope :-)

As much as I love classy women wearing classy business-wear or even “classy casual” clothes, this is very hard to find good sites featuring this content. I’m not too sure about how I could word it, but on 99% of the sites I see, I really feel like the model doesn’t feel well in clothes that have been chosen for her by the photographer, and as a results the pictures suck.

I’m glad I’ve found about Sandy’s Secrets because this fine spanish lady is a true amateur who really loves to wear classy clothes and she’s keeping them long enough for us to appreciate them (no “full nudity after the 3rd pic” on her site!). Just look at her, isn’t she the classier women you’ve seen in a very long while?

Sandy's secrets Sandy's secrets Sandy's secrets

Sandy’s site feature only the most classy and sexy pictures and videos. There are a few scenes with another lady, both teasing the camera guy to death :-) Would you believe this lady is 52? (she says so on her site herself, I’m not revealing any secret here :-P ) I know quite a few ladies up to 20 years longer who would be ready to kill to look only half as sexy as Sandy does! Ok, let me show you some more teasers… Don’t forget to visit her site as she offers quite a lof of fullsize pictures to download on her site.

Sandy's secrets Sandy's secrets sandysec1819.jpg

Sandy's secrets sandysec19_milf_20.jpg sandysec1824.jpg

November 19, 2007

Retro Pin-Up Eva from Vintage-Queens!

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I’ve just realised something silly: while pin-ups are the mother-of-all genres in the “clothed fetish”, I never featured any pin-up site so far. Ok, Francesca Dani’s site comes close and OnlyTease features a lot of beauties in formal clothes, it still really isn’t quite the same thing as ‘pin-ups’.

So far the very best site of pin-ups and glamour erotica I’ve found is Eva’s Vintage Queens site. But let’s just start with an appetizer:

Vintage Retro Queen Eva Vintage Retro Pin-Up Queen Eva Vintage Retro Pin-Up Queen Eva Vintage Retro Pin-Up Queen Eva

Aren’t those pictures absolutely beautiful? The model, the make-up, the clothes, the props, the location, the picture style… Eva managed to produce perfect pictures. She goes up to pussy or tits flashing and some girl-girl modeling. I’m not sure it can really be called “lesbian action”, because it’s more like “candid” posing, but in my opinion her scenes are hotter than all hardcore scenes I’ve seen.

Can you imagine how much time she spent making up and dressing only to look as good as possible? Those pictures are worth 100 times more to me than “porn quickly shot in a cheap motel room”. Be nice to her and visit Eva’s site! She needs all our support to know there are still tasteful erotica lovers out there!

Vintage Retro Pin-Up Queen Eva Vintage Retro Pin-Up Queen Eva Vintage Retro Queen Eva

Vintage Retro Pin-Up Queen Eva Vintage Retro Queen Eva Vintage Retro Queen Eva

Watch More Pictures Eva’s Vintage Pin-Up Queens Site!

November 9, 2007

Lady Claire loves pantyhose, FF-stockings, other beautiful women and… FullyClothedFetish!

This blog is still very new but I’m delighted it already has some faithful readers, and I’m even more pleased when I’m getting feedback or pictures from the models themselves!

Here’s the message I received a couple days ago from Lady Claire:
Hello! I would be pleased if you post my new pictures at your site.

[Picture list here]

Thank You very much

Kisses Claire

Well, what could I possibly do besides having a look at Lady Claire’s website ? :-) Before to go any further, here’s how she describes herself on her web page:
My name is Claire and I´m addicted to wear all that nylon-stuff like pantyhose, stay-up´s and FF-stockings!
I absolutely love the look and feel of nylon on my long legs!
This website will prove to you just how much!
I also love watching and touching beautiful women wearing nylon!
If you step closer into my website and visit the girl/girl galleries you can find out how horny I will get then!
So please come in and find out what a cute little slut I can be!

Well, her website is indeed lovely and I really love the diversity of the pictures. I also love to see 2 beautiful classy women making out and playing together and Claire’s site happen to have plenty of just that: classy ladies enjoying themselves. But I see you’re impatient to meet her, so let’s stop the babble here and look at her pictures! (Thank you again Claire! :-) )

Lady Claire Lady Claire Lady Claire Lady Claire

Lady Claire Lady Claire Lady Claire

Lady Claire Lady Claire Lady Claire

Lady Claire Lady Claire Lady Claire

Isn’t she lovely? :-P

Lady Claire have some more samples on her site, Click here to visit it!