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October 15, 2009

Naughty schoolgirls pictures from St Mackenzie’s private girls school

Do you love sexy schoolgirls outfits? :-D hehe… I knew you’d say that… As it happens a new site opened a few months ago and its very aim is to provide pictures and videos of the sexiest schoolgirls and female teachers.

Unfortunatly I was born in a country where there’s no school uniform, but thanks to sites like St. Mackenzie’s, I can make up for the sights I missed when I was younger. I really love this site, the glamour feel of the pictures, the good lighting, the models are real teens and not 30yo chicks with pigtails, etc… Well, I’m showing below some samples of one of my favorite pupil from St. Mackenzie’s: Stevie-Louise Ritchie. If you like what you see, check out the site’s Models and Teachers pages, there are many HQ pics to download from there! :-)

Click here to visit St. Mackenzie’s girls school!

January 24, 2008

Having a glance at Sandy’s naughty little secrets

I love classy mature women if since you’re reading this blog the odds that you love them are quite high I hope :-)

As much as I love classy women wearing classy business-wear or even “classy casual” clothes, this is very hard to find good sites featuring this content. I’m not too sure about how I could word it, but on 99% of the sites I see, I really feel like the model doesn’t feel well in clothes that have been chosen for her by the photographer, and as a results the pictures suck.

I’m glad I’ve found about Sandy’s Secrets because this fine spanish lady is a true amateur who really loves to wear classy clothes and she’s keeping them long enough for us to appreciate them (no “full nudity after the 3rd pic” on her site!). Just look at her, isn’t she the classier women you’ve seen in a very long while?

Sandy's secrets Sandy's secrets Sandy's secrets

Sandy’s site feature only the most classy and sexy pictures and videos. There are a few scenes with another lady, both teasing the camera guy to death :-) Would you believe this lady is 52? (she says so on her site herself, I’m not revealing any secret here :-P ) I know quite a few ladies up to 20 years longer who would be ready to kill to look only half as sexy as Sandy does! Ok, let me show you some more teasers… Don’t forget to visit her site as she offers quite a lof of fullsize pictures to download on her site.

Sandy's secrets Sandy's secrets sandysec1819.jpg

Sandy's secrets sandysec19_milf_20.jpg sandysec1824.jpg

November 9, 2007

Lady Claire loves pantyhose, FF-stockings, other beautiful women and… FullyClothedFetish!

This blog is still very new but I’m delighted it already has some faithful readers, and I’m even more pleased when I’m getting feedback or pictures from the models themselves!

Here’s the message I received a couple days ago from Lady Claire:
Hello! I would be pleased if you post my new pictures at your site.

[Picture list here]

Thank You very much

Kisses Claire

Well, what could I possibly do besides having a look at Lady Claire’s website ? :-) Before to go any further, here’s how she describes herself on her web page:
My name is Claire and I´m addicted to wear all that nylon-stuff like pantyhose, stay-up´s and FF-stockings!
I absolutely love the look and feel of nylon on my long legs!
This website will prove to you just how much!
I also love watching and touching beautiful women wearing nylon!
If you step closer into my website and visit the girl/girl galleries you can find out how horny I will get then!
So please come in and find out what a cute little slut I can be!

Well, her website is indeed lovely and I really love the diversity of the pictures. I also love to see 2 beautiful classy women making out and playing together and Claire’s site happen to have plenty of just that: classy ladies enjoying themselves. But I see you’re impatient to meet her, so let’s stop the babble here and look at her pictures! (Thank you again Claire! :-) )

Lady Claire Lady Claire Lady Claire Lady Claire

Lady Claire Lady Claire Lady Claire

Lady Claire Lady Claire Lady Claire

Lady Claire Lady Claire Lady Claire

Isn’t she lovely? :-P

Lady Claire have some more samples on her site, Click here to visit it!

September 18, 2007

Stunning glamour beauties from code-fetish.com

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This blog is still in its infancy so I’ll continue to introduce you to my favorite fully clothed (or mostly clothed) fetish sites.

Code-Fetish has been around for quite some time and all the pictures are taken by James Bertoni. He’s one of the few photographers that truely master glamour erotica and his website is a real gem compared to most of the glamour erotica you’ll be able to find on Internet.

Indeed some of his shoots feature some partial nudity, but most of Code-Fetish is really about clothed babes looking and their best and photographed by someone who truely gets that the beauty of females can be revealed without having to strip them off.

Code-Fetish features many solo pictorials, but there are also many girl/girl scenes, often with a domination theme.

It’s also worth mentioning that while most fetish sites only feature pictorials, or pictorial and low quality videos, Code-Fetish have 16:9 high quality videos for every scenes. I’ll try to see if I can edit one and post a short sample here in a future blog entry, but the video quality is just awesome!

Ok, time for some samples. Hero are some HQ pics directly from the member area (no resizing! :-) ) Enjoy!

Glamour beauty from code-fetish Glamour secretary in leather from code-fetish Glamour secretary in leather from code-fetish

Glamour beauty from code-fetish Glamour beauty in red leather Glamour beauty in red leather

cem06-01.jpg Glamour beauty in blue latex cpm05-04.jpg

Download more glamour pictures from Code-Fetish here!

September 4, 2007

Office beauties from OnlyTease

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One of my favorite fantaties is to watch babes in business suits. I definately should warn you now: if you don’t like sexy females in business suits / office wear, this blog isn’t for you! ;-)

It’s very hard to find sites with a decent amount of content which really revolve around this fetish, but fortunately there are a few of them and OnlyTease is in my opinion the best one!

This site features beautiful babes (in their late teen or early twenties) wearing classy clothes. Sometimes they are wearing evening dresses or nurse uniforms, but on most sets they are dressed in very classy business wear and this is what’s making this site so interesting for us!

Here are some pics taken from the most recent sets of OnlyTease featuring office babes! Enjoy! :-P

Babes in business suit from OnlyTease Babes in business suit from OnlyTease Babes in business suit from OnlyTease

Babes in business suit from OnlyTease Babes in business suit from OnlyTease Business suits from OnlyTease

Business suits from OnlyTease Business suits from OnlyTease Business suits from OnlyTease

Secretaries in business suits from OnlyTease Secretaries in business suits from OnlyTease Secretaries in business suits from OnlyTease

Come download more pictures from OnlyTease’s extensive preview!