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October 29, 2008

Amazing sexy busty boss in business office!

Filed under: Hardcore, High Heels, Office, Secretary, BigTitsBoss, Glamour, Priya Rai — postmaster @ 6:36 pm

I usually try to alternate content from different sites in my posts, but in the recent weeks it seems like BigTitBoss was the best when it comes to sexy busty bases in office suits getting naughty, so that’ll be my 2nd consecutive update about this site.

Today’s update is about Priya Ria’s scene; this petite brunette seems to enjoy the action and it only makes it more enjoyable to all of us! After carefull selection, only one of her four employees have a cock big enough to please her, and after the 3 shorties are sent away, she proceeds to enjoy herself with the lucky winner… the pictures below don’t really reflect the scene, but it’s enough to give a good idea of the scene’s hotness! Enjoy! :-D

bigtitboss-01.jpg bigtitboss-01.jpg bigtitboss-01.jpg